Energy Work

Please call 609-230-1068 to book a service


Home Cleansing

I will smudge each room and door way to cleanse and purify any energy that passes through. During the cleansing I will lay a protective barrier line out front of the main entrance door. At the end of the cleansing we will sit down to write a home affirmation for healing. 


Tarot Readings

During my Tarot Readings, I will use a general spread to focus on the situation at hand. Each reading provides me with insight on the energy surrounding the situation and where to direct the energy for the best outcome. Each session is personal and sacred.




Energy Cleanse

 This beautiful service helps promote healing from within. Each session begins with guided breath work to help relax the mind. I use a singing bowl to help vibrate any blocked energy and then perform Reiki therapy. During the session I channel through Spirit and higher frequencies to guide me on focus points through out the body. The healing session is unique to each individual.