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About Me

My name is Josey and I would like to welcome you to my healing page.

I am a Reiki ll practitioner and intuitive reader. I believe all of us are on a journey, but sometimes we need a little help along the way. I would be grateful to help anyone during their life journey and I enjoy using my healing energy for those that need it.

During my work I connect with higher energy and Spirit to perform Tarot Readings, Energy Cleanses, and Home Cleanses.

My journey on this path has been enlightening and I would love to share my work with you.

 Thank you for visiting!

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Energy Work


Energy Cleanse

I connect with higher frequency to cleanse the energy around the body. Breath work and singing bowls help relax the mind, while Reiki is performed with a light touch to promote healing.

Tarot Readings

 Life is unexpected and can leave us confused or lost. My intuitive readings offer insight and guidance on where to focus your energy during these times.

Home Cleanse

 Home Cleansing is great for getting rid of old stagnate energy that no longer serves a purpose. During the process Sage is burned to smudge each room and doorway. This will promote healthy positive energy in the home.